NOTE:  In reporting the averages from the tests we drop
       the lowest scores.  This is because the lowest
       of the four tests will be dropped; i.e.  1/4th 
       (or 25.0%) of all test scores will be dropped.
       In comparing your average with the class average
       you need to compare with an average which is
       representative of the final average.  Dropping
       the lowest scores before reporting the average
       is one way of ESTIMATING the effect of the final
       drops.  These posted test averages are not used
       in any way in computing the final overall class
       average.  GBA

1st test 

          50 students took test 1 Multiple Choice
             41 students earned 7.0 or more points

                for those 41 the average was 10.78/15 or 71.9%

       Test 1 MC scores

2nd test 

          46 students took test 2 Multiple Choice

             36 students earned 4.0 or more points

                for those 36 the average was 7.67/15 or 51.1% 

       Test 2 MC scores

3rd test 

          43 students took test 3 Multiple Choice

             32 students earned 6.0 or more points

                for those 32 the average was 9.52/15 or 63.4% 

       Test 3 MC scores 

4th test 

           40 students took test 4 Multiple Choice

             31 students earned 5.0 or more points

                for those 31 the average was 8.47/15 or 56.5% 

       Test 4 MC scores 


      For the 41 students who took the final and had
      also earned 850 or more HW points, the final
      exam average is 

                  24.56 out of 40, or 61.4%.

       Final Exam scores 


   40 students took 3 of the 4 MC tests, plus the
   final exam, had non-zero TP scores, and had more
   than 850 MP HW points.

     For those 40 here are the averages:
                       %      points

         HW          82.91    8.29

       Exercises     98.06    2.94

        Quiz         58.77    8.82

         CW          83.40    4.17

         RQ          71.86    3.59

        test         60.84   27.38 
        exam         61.94   10.53

     overall                 65.7  final average

    The details of the final grade scale were primarily
determined by the presence of gaps in the grade distribution.
Here is that final grade scale.

      below 35.0    E
      35.0 - 47.0   D
      47.0 - 62.5   C  (above 57.7 is C+)
      62.5 - 76.1   B  (below 67.5 is B-, no B+'s this year)
      above 76.1    A  (below 80.2 is A-, above 91.5 is A+)

Letter grades were assigned strictly according to this
scale.  The lowest D is 35.5;  the highest D is 42.4,
the lowest C is 49.9;  the highest C is 61.3, the
lowest B is 62.6; the highest B is 70.4, and the
lowest A is 76.1.  The smallest gap between levels
is 1.3 points between C to B.

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