9/12/19 Physics Place Update.  Some fraction of our
        students may have purchased new textbooks
        which included a Physics Place code.  During 
        Summer 2019, the Physics Place information
        has been moved into a "Study Area" at
        Mastering Physics.  If you are one of these
        students, and would like to access the
        study material (practice questions, etc)
        from the Physics Place, you will need to
        contact our local Pearson representative at


        He will accept your Physics Place code, and
        then give you access to the new "Study Area"
        at Mastering Physics.  Nothing will be
        assigned from the Physics Place, and this is
        only extra study material for those students
        who purchased a new textbook which still
        happened to have a Physics Place code.  If
        you are not one of those students, you may
        ignore this update.  Thanks.  GBA

        PS.  Use the 12th edition reading list to 
        find the relevant chapters in the Study Area.
        Thanks.  GBA

9/10/19 The reading assignments for the 12th edition
        of Hewitt's Conceptual Physics have now been
        added to our class webpage.  Look inside our
        Textbook Information page if you are
        interested.  Thanks.  GBA
8/03/19 No Updates Yet