A pdf version of this schedule is available in the syllabus.
The syllabus and all lab descriptions are in PDF format.  The
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                     Fall 2019 Lab Schedule

                  Labs Meet Monday to Tuesday

                     Labs Meet in PSH-365

   To find your TA please see Fall 2019 Lab Sections.

   Printing Policies:  If your printer has the capability,
you are encouraged to print on both sides of the paper;
however, you are not allowed to print multiple pages on
one side of a piece of paper.  The graph paper included
with each lab will look best if you use the maximum
possible resolution from your printer.

   Beginning in Spring 2011, the Department of Physics
requires a signed and dated Lab Safety Contract from all
ASU Physics lab students.

   Dates            Experiment                   Room
 8/26-8/27          Motion                       H365
 9/02-9/03          No Lab
 9/09-9/10          Free Fall                    H365
 9/16-9/17          Newton's Second Law          H365
 9/23-9/24          Uniform Circular Motion      H365
 9/30-10/01         Energy Conservation          H365
10/07-10/08         Absolute Zero                H365
10/14-10/15         No Lab
10/21-10/22         Standing Waves               H365
10/28-10/29         Speed of Sound               H365
11/04-11/05         Ohm's Law                    H365
11/11-11/12         No Lab
11/18-11/19         Magnetic Fields              H365 
11/25-11/26         Faraday's Law                H365
12/02-12/03         Lab Final                    H365