11/24/21 Lab Final Cancelled

Unfortunately, we will need to cancel the
Lab Final for this Fall 2021 semester.
The Lab Final would have counted as one
lab.  Since it must be cancelled, your
Lab Average will simply consist of the 
average of your 10 best lab scores.

Since there will be no lab meeting on the
MON and TUE after Thanksgiving, therefore
your Lab 11 submission must be made at
Canvas, and it is due at the beginning
of your scheduled lab meeting time on
MON 11/29 or TUE 11/30.

8/21/21  Written HW Due Dates Corrected

  The due dates for our written HW were 
originally posted incorrectly on our
HW schedule page; those dates have now
been corrected and agree with the dates
as posted elsewhere.  Thanks, GBA.

8/19/21  No Updates Yet