101 Internet Disruption Policies

  If you are attending via Zoom, then PHY101 is a
synchronous course, with synchronous tests, clicker
questions, and quizzes.  In order to take such a course,
reliable internet access is needed.  Here are some
of the ways in which it is required:

1) At each of the lectures, there are many clicker questions,
which must be answered using the iClicker system during the
Zoom meetings.  The only possible relief provided is that
only 85% of the possible iClicker points are required in
order to receive full iClicker credit for the class.

2) For each of the tests, you must be in the Zoom meeting
for the class, and at the same time logged into WebAssign
and taking the test.  You must be able to photograph your
work for the FR questions and convert to PDF and submit, all
while in the Zoom meeting.  This is required for Test 1, 
Test 2, and Test 3.  The only possible relief provided is
the ability to drop one of the three tests.

  PS. For the final exam, you will also need to be able to
install and run the WebAssign LockDown Browser in order to 
take the exam at WebAssign.

3) For the 5 synchronous labs, you must be able to be in the
Zoom meeting, participate in the breakout room, and run the
LoggerPro program or the PHET simulation.  The only possible
relief provided is the ability to drop one of the 11 labs.

4) For the recitations with Quizzes, you must be able to be
in the Zoom meeting and login at WebAssign, and photograph
your work for the Quiz question and convert to PDF and submit.
The only possible relief provided is to drop two of the seven

  Of course, occasional internet disruptions can happen to
ANYONE (including your instructor), and an internet
disruption at a crucial time will happen to EVERYONE sooner
or later.  However, for a synchronous class to work, the
number of such disruptions per participant must be on the
order of one or two per semester.  

  So, an exception can be provided for your particular
internet disruption; but only one per semester.  If you wish
to use your exception for a particular Quiz, or Lab, or Test,
etc., then follow the instructions below:

  Using your "@asu.edu" email address, send an email to
gary.adams@asu.edu; the relevant TA MUST be CC'd on the email.

  This email MUST be sent within within two school days of
the relevant Quiz, Lab, or Test.

  In the email, describe and explain your internet disruption.
Explain why you expect this type of internet disruption NOT to
occur again during the semester.  Describe the relief that you
would like to receive for this particular internet disruption.

  Your TA and I will consider your request for an exception,
and you should get a reply to your request within 2-5 school
days of you email.  Thanks much,  GBA.