101 Quiz Policies

Quizzes will be given during the first 12 minutes of each 
recitation according to the schedule.  Here is how our
Quizzes will be delivered: 

  The quiz will appear at WebAssign at the starting time
for your recitation.  If you attend in person, the 
recitation TA will display the Quiz for you on the front
screen, but you may also view the Quiz at WebAssign if you
wish.  If you attend via Zoom, then you must open the 
Quiz at WebAssign; you should be already logged into 
WebAssign before the starting time of your recitation,
then simply refresh the screen (control R) to access the
Quiz at the starting time of your recitation. Once the
Quiz has been displayed, your TA will say "You may begin."
Write your explanation for the problem on a piece of 
blank paper using our required format; remember that 
what we will grade is the quality of your explanation;
the correct final answer will be worth about 10% of the
credit for the question.  After 10 minutes, your TA will
say, "You have two minutes remaining."  Finally, two minutes
later, your TA will say, "Please stop working and pass
your papers to the front." If you are attending in person,
this is your signal to finish up; make sure your final
answer (if your work gets to that point) has proper
units and has a box around it, and your name is on 
your paper, then pass your paper to the front.  If you
are attending via Zoom, this is your signal to stop work
(wherever you are in writing your explanation) and
photograph your work for submission to WebAssign; please
submit in pdf form.  When your TA says, "Please stop
working and pass your papers to the front," you then
have four minutes remaining before WebAssign will no
longer accept submissions; PLEASE don't risk getting a
zero by trying to make your pdf submission in the final
minute of the 16-minute quiz period.  At the 15-minute
mark, your TA will begin to present the solution to
the Quiz to your class; if you are attending by Zoom,
your submission should already be complete by this
time (but you have 60 seconds before submission are no
longer accepted by WebAssign).

  Here is some additional information for students who
plan to take quizzes via Zoom.  During the week before
the first quiz, there will be a Sample Quiz for Practice
Assignment available for you at WebAssign, which you can
use to practice making a pdf upload that is appropriate
for WebAssign.  If you plan to take quizzes via Zoom, 
PRACTICE ASSIGNMENT.  NOTE: Names of pdf submissions
at WebAssign may not contain spaces, commas, etc.  Always
make a simple filename for your WebAssign pdf submission
(such as "quiz1", or "quiz2", for example, for the
letters preceding the ".pdf" file suffix).  Four minutes
is deemed to be sufficient time to photograph, convert,
and submit your work; therefore, the time limit for our
WebAssign quizzes will be 16 minutes.  Those who are
taking the quiz in person must stop working after 12
minutes.  When your TA says "Please stop working and pass
your papers to the front," be sure to stop working,
whether your work is complete or incomplete, and prepare
your pdf submission.  After submitting, always
double-check that you have submitted a readable pdf file.
Please don't risk getting a zero by trying to make your
pdf submission in the final minute of the 16-minute quiz
period (i.e. after the TA has begun to present the 
solution). If you do not successfully complete the
pdf upload, then the Quiz in question will have to be
one of your two dropped Quizzes for the semester.
Thanks, GBA.

  Some final notes for students taking the Quizzes via
Zoom.  It is your responsibility to submit a pdf file
that is readable at WebAssign.  If the file that you
have submitted is NOT readable at WebAssign, then you
will receive a ZERO for that quiz; there is no relief
provided.  Be sure to use the Sample Quiz for Practice
assignment available at WebAssign during the week before
Quiz 1 to practice submitting a readable pdf file.  You
should NEVER use the "save work" feature of WebAssign for
submitting pdf answers; as long as time has not expired
you may always re-submit your pdf file.  Only the last
pdf submission will be seen by the grader.  If you SAVE
your pdf submission at WebAssign, but do not successfully
submit it, then you will receive a zero for that quiz;
therefore, NEVER use the "save work" feature for a
pdf-submission question at WebAssign.

There are a total of 7 quizzes during the semester.  Quiz
topics are given in the schedule.  You will need a small
hand calculator for the quizzes.

         What can you do if you must miss a recitation
                 in which a quiz is given?
                 Read the paragraph below.

ONCE (and only once) during the semester, you may arrange
with your TA to attend your TA's recitation at a different
time during the week.  To see what recitation times your
TA is teaching, look at the list of 101 recitations.

The highest 5 quiz scores will be counted.  If you take all 
seven quizzes, your two lowest quiz scores will automatically
be dropped at the end of the semester.  If you miss a quiz,
FOR ANY REASON, that quiz will be one of your drops.  Your
quiz average will account for 10% of your final grade.

                   QUIZ GRADING APPEALS

Quizzes will be graded by a grader.  If you submitted a
paper quiz, then your graded quiz will be returned by your
TA at a later recitation.  If you submitted a pdf Quiz at
WebAssign, then your graded Quiz will appear at WebAssign
approximately 1-2 weeks after you have made your pdf
submission for that quiz. If you wish to appeal the
grading of one of your quizzes, you must follow these

(1) Please DO NOT try to discuss the grading of the quiz with 
    your TA immediately after recitation.  Your quiz was not 
    graded by your TA.

(2) If you think you deserve more points on a graded quiz,
    submit an appeal IN WRITING, following the instructions
    in Section (3) below.  Explain carefully exactly why
    you deserve more points, and ask for as many points
    as you think your answer deserves.

(3) Send your written appeal, in PDF form, to Dr. Adams by
    email within two school days of receiving your
    graded quiz either from your TA, or at WebAssign.  

(4) I will pass your appeal to the grader, who must give you
    a written reply, which will be emailed to you either
    through Dr. Adams or through your recitation TA.  If you
    are not satisfied with the grader's response to your
    appeal, then you may ask Dr. Adams to consider your
    appeal; in such cases I reserve the right to regrade
    your entire quiz.