The computer screen at the front of the room will
look something like this, except it will have
100 boxes instead of 20.

There is a color associated with your number. Learn your color; then you only have to look for boxes of that color. On the screen above, the box for the clicker with number 000001289 is a dark shade of green; responses from clicker 000001289 will always be in a box of this color. If you succeed in answering three times your box color will change to red. For example, on the screen above, the clicker 000999999 has answered three times. If you are satisfied with your answer, please don't enter extra responses; this only makes things more difficult for others trying to enter their responses. If you have seen your number, then your answer has been recorded. TIPS FOR HAVING YOUR ANSWER RECORDED. Use the receiver nearest to you. Many people like to aim at the receiver directly above the computer screen; that receiver consequently has high traffic and is generally not the best receiver at which to aim. Repeatedly pressing an answer button on your clicker is not effective. You MUST wait for the green light on your clicker to stop flashing before resubmitting an answer. ONCE during the semester I will change your PRS score if you tell me you were present but your PRS score was not recorded. Send me an email indicating the necessary change. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TRANSMITTER IS IN WORKING ORDER AND THAT YOUR SUBMITTED ANSWERS ARE RECEIVED.