2/13 Change to Syllabus.  Due to requests from
      many students, there is a change to the
      syllabus.  The lowest test score of tests 1-4
      will now be dropped.  If test 1 turns out to
      be your lowest score, then your lowest score
      from tests 2-4 will automatically be reduced
      to a weighting of 10%.  Thanks for your
      input.  GBA

 2/12 Dr. Adams' office hour for today, THU 2/12,
      has been canceled. Office hours will resume
      as usual tomorrow, FRI 2/13. Thanks. GBA

 1/15 To find the Class Key that you need to register
      your CPS clicker, go to our CPS Information
      page and follow the Registration links.
      Recitations (the 50-min once-a-week class on your 
      111 schedule) begin on TUE Jan 20.  Thanks.  GBA

 1/14 No updates yet