FOR PHY111 FINAL EXAM

    Your best study materials are this year's tests.  Kannan
  has given me your graded Test 4; on MON I will be in from
  9:40-10:30 and again from 12:00-2:00.  Start by studying
  the MC questions.  Cramming in solutions to individual
  problems won't help.  What you want to discover are things
  that you didn't understand the first time around.  When
  you discover that there is something you don't understand,
  go back to the notes or the textbook and try once more
  to get the idea.  Talking the issue out in your study
  groups is the usually the best way to proceed.

    The second-best materials are the MC questions from the
  Old Tests from Spring 2004.  The conceptual questions are
  the most important ones.  If you have still more time to
  study, look at the MC and Multiple Select questions from
  this year's HWs.  Finally, you can look back over the
  free response questions on this year's tests.  Concentrate 
  on the strategy and why that strategy should work; there
  is not time on the final exam for complicated, many-step

    You can determine your standing going into the final
  by looking at over Overall grades page, and then by
  looking at the current histogram.  If you need to
  raise your standing, then what you will need is a final
  exam score higher than your test average.  For example, if
  your test average is 60 and you score 75 on the final exam,
  then your overall average will increase by 3.0 points.
  Good Luck.  GBA