SPRING 2011
                      LECTURER G.B. ADAMS

       Quizzes are given during the first 10-15 minutes of
        recitation on a Friday-Wednesday Schedule for the 
             first third of the semester, and on a 
        Tuesday-Monday* schedule for the last two-thirds.

      QUIZ     Dates        Topic          
       1.    2/04-2/09     Gravity or Coulomb's Law
       2.    2/11-2/16     Velocity or Newton's First Law
             THU  2/17:   TEST #1
                          Returned beginning 2/22
       3.    3/01-3/07     Momentum Conservation or Mechanical Energy
       4.    3/08-3/21     Vibrations or Thermal Energy 
       5.    3/22-3/28     Energy Conservation or Properties of Waves
             TU   3/29:   TEST #2
                          Returned beginning 4/04
       6.    4/12-4/18     Electric Potential or Electric Current
       7.    4/19-4/25     Magnetic Fields or Forces
             M    5/03:   TEST #3
                          Available from your Recitation Instructor;
                          Contact your TA by email to find out where
                          and when.
            FINAL EXAM (45 Multiple Choice Questions)  
          9:00 TTH LECTURE   THU MAY  5   7:30- 9:20 AM
         12:00 TTH LECTURE   THU MAY  5   9:50-11:40 AM

* In the TUE-MON schedule, the quiz week begins with the
  TUE 1:30 recitation and ends with the TUE 10:30 recitation
  on the following week.  (The TUE 1:30 recitation meets
  after their TUE lecture, but the TUE 10:30 recitation meets
  before their TUE lecture.)