Because I am in the midst of moving from PSF-423
to PSH-551 the locations of my office hours are
currently uncertain.  Check here for the latest
information.  Thanks. GBA

My TENTATIVE office hours for Spring 2011 are: 

       M   3:30- 5:00  PSF-462
       T   2:30- 3:20  PSF-366
       W   3:20- 4:05  PSF-462
       TH  2:30- 3:00  PSF-366
       F   3:00- 4:00  PSF-462
       W   2:00- 2:50  PSH-352  Help-Study
NOTE: All of these hours are open to all of my students.

During my office hours (not including the Help-Study hour),
PSF-366 (on T-TH) or PSF-462 (on MON, WED, and FRI) will
be reserved exclusively for your use.  You may meet with 
your study group there, or you may plan to work there 
on your own, although STUDY GROUPS ARE STRONGLY 
RECOMMENDED.  Either way, I will be there to answer 
any questions that you may have.  Any personal issues 
will be handled in my office, PSF-423.  Once I have
moved to PSH-551, then all of my office hours will be
in that office.  Thanks. GBA