SPRING 2013
                      LECTURER G.B. ADAMS

RECITATION sections occur weekly as scheduled, beginning with the
TUE 9:00 recitation on TUE Jan 15.  The last recitation meeting will
be the THU 3:00 recitation on THU Apr 25.  This schedule results in
14 recitation meetings for every student.  Recitation policies can be
found in Quiz Policies and HW Policies.

       Quizzes will be given at 7 out of 14 of your recitation
       meetings; the quizzes are given during the first 10-15
       minutes of recitation.  Recitations which meet between
       the following dates will have quizzes.  For the first
       two-thirds of the semester, quizzes are given on a 
       Thursday-Wednesday schedule.  In the final third of the
       semester, the quizzes are given on a Tuesday-Thursday

      QUIZ     Dates        Topic          
       1.    1/24-1/30     Gravity or Coulomb's Law
       2.    1/31-2/06     Velocity or Newton's First Law
             THU  2/07:   TEST #1
                          Returned beginning 2/12
       3.    2/21-2/27     Momentum Conservation or Mechanical Energy
       4.    2/28-3/06     Vibrations or Thermal Energy 
       5.    3/07-3/20     Energy Conservation or Properties of Waves
             THU  3/21:   TEST #2
                          Returned beginning 3/26
       6.    4/09-4/11     Electric Potential or Electric Current
       7.    4/16-4/18     Magnetic Fields or Forces
             TU   4/30:   TEST #3
                          Available from your Recitation Instructor;
                          Contact your TA by email to find out where
                          and when.
           FINAL EXAM (45 Multiple Choice Questions)
          9:00 TTH LECTURE   THU MAY 02   7:30- 9:20 AM
         10:30 TTH LECTURE   TUE MAY 07   9:50-11:40 AM
        (The final exam is in our regular lecture hall.)