(WebAssign registration is NOW OPEN.)

    NOTE: Those not enrolled in PHY121-Spring 2018 by 
    2:00 PM Jan 16th, please see Part (B) below on
    this web page.  

(A) IF you were registered for the class by 2:00 PM Jan 16th:

  1. Go to WebAssign and follow the instructions below:
            (WebAssign opens in a new window.)

  2. Enter the requested information  (here is a sample login)
                                  Please see the sample login.

   Your "Username" is your ASU iSearch Email Address.  
               To find your iSearch email address, go here
                          and type in your name

    NOTE: Your username is the email address as returned by
          ASU iSearch as of 2:00 PM Jan 16th.  If you change
          your ASU email information after this time, you
          will still need to use the iSearch result as of
          2:00 PM Jan 16th for your WebAssign username.

   Your "Password" is the letters "ASU" (all in uppercase)
   followed immediately by your ASU Posting ID (which is
   4 digits, followed by a hyphen, then 3 digits); i.e.
   your password has the format


   where the X's stand for the numbers in YOUR ASU Posting ID.

  What if I don't know my ASU Posting ID?

     (Special Note: A very few students already had a WebAssign
     account with username equal to their ASU iSearch email
     address.  For those students, your WebAssign password is
     unchanged from what you were using in a previous semester.)

  3. Select "Purchase an access code online" or else enter the 
     Access Code purchased from the ASU bookstore.  If you do not
     yet have an Access Code, you may temporarily work without one.
     After the deadline has passed for entering an Access Code, if
     you have not done so, all of your work may be irreplaceably


(B)  If you were NOT registered for the class by 2:00 PM Jan 16th:

     Send an email to exactly the following email address:


     with EXACTLY the following subject line:


     The body of your email should contain ONLY the following
     information, each entry on a separate line.  

                                Enter your name at this
 ASU iSearch Email Address <== web page to discover your
                               ASU iSearch email address
 ASU Posting ID

 Full Name (last, first middle)

     Here is a sample email in the correct format.
        Please see the sample email.

     Please be sure that you have sent the correct information;
     sending the wrong information will result in a significant
     delay in establishing your WebAssign account.  The Posting
     ID must include a hyphen.  Your ASU iSearch email address
     may NOT be the ASU email address to which you are
     accustomed.  To discover your ASU iSearch email address,
     go to ASU iSearch and enter your name.  The email
     address that appears there is the email address that you
     must send to me.

     You must now wait for a response from me, which is 
     guaranteed to come with 24 hours (if you have a spam
     filter in operation, don't forget to check there).
     If my response is "Your WebAssign account has now 
     been established", then you are ready to follow the
     instructions in Part (A) of this page.  If my response
     is "Try again", then there is something wrong with
     the information you sent; read the directions above
     more carefully and try again.  

     What if I get no reply?