For the demonstration problem, your responsibility is to teach
that problem to your recitation section.  You are expected to be
an expert on that problem.

     Your presentation should take 10-15 minutes, no more.  It is
a good idea to practice ahead of time so that you will have gone
through your presentation at least once before going to the board.

     You should start preparing your demonstration problem at least
a week before your presentation, even if the problem has not yet
been assigned.  If you have trouble with the problem, it is your
responsibility to get help from your TA, or your instructor, or from
the Help-Study Room.

     The demonstration problem will be graded by your TA according 
to the following guidelines.

         Correctly stating the physics involved      35 points

         Presenting the problem in an organized,
         clear manner                                10 points

         Discussing alternative solution styles,
         answering class questions, etc.              5 points

The TA will make notes on your presentation and decide on a final
grade by your next recitation meeting.  You may find out your
demo problem grade by asking your TA in private.  Demo problem
grades will not be posted until everyone has presented.