8/07  The solutions for test 4 are now available
      at the Noble Library Copy Center.

8/06  There is an error on the HW schedule in the
      Chapter Sections listed for Test 4.  In Chapter
      28, the section for which you are responsible 
      is 28.8, not 28.7.

7/30  I have had some problems sending emails from
      my standard email account.  As a result, my 
      replies to your questions may have been delayed 
      by hours or days.   You may receive an email
      sent by me from an alternate email account, but 
      please continue to send emails only to
      gary.adams@asu.edu.  Thanks.  The problems now
      seem to be fixed - GBA 10 AM 7/30.

7/25  In problem F30:32(b), the question intends to 
      ask for the absolute value of the magnetic 
      flux through one turn of the toroidal coil.

7/23  For Checkpoint 2 in Ch 29 on page 665, the
      given answer for part (a) contains an error.
      The given order of ranking is correct, but
      the net force in cases 1 and 3 is not zero.

7/23  The solutions for test 2 are now available
      at the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/16  For the lecture on Fri July 18, please download
      the "Definitions for Current and Resistance" from
      the class web page and bring them with you to

7/15  The solutions for test 1 are now available
      at the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/11  There is an error on the Key for Old Test #1.  
      The error is on Problem 2 Part (C).  The '4' 
      in that solution should be a '2', and the 
      answer is 18,000 N/C.

7/10  The Old Tests, both with solutions (available 
      since Tuesday evening) and without solutions 
      (useful for taking a timed practice test and 
      available since Thursday evening) are now 
      available in the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/07  In the HW for July 8, please drop HRW Ch23 #40
      and add Fishbane Ch22 #57.  The Fishbane problem
      is on the Online Problems page (available at
      the course web site) for the week of July 7-11.

7/07  Overrides for 131 are still frozen, due to 
      uncertainties about money and TAs.  If you 
      would like an override for 131, please 
      see me on Tuesday after lecture.  Also, if
      you missed lecture on Monday, and have not
      been assigned to a recitation, see me after

      can only keep trying the online registration
      site in case someone drops.  You may attend 
      the introduction to lab at either 10:40 or
      3:00 on Tuesday in PSH-366, but you may not
      attend the first lab on Wed unless you 
      succeed in getting registered.  (Drop-add
      ends on Tuesday night.)