8/05  You should skip part (d) in Wolfson 34: 71 in
      tonight's HW.  We did not cover EM wave momentum.

8/03  Problem H36: 17 was originally left off the online
      problem list for July 30 - Aug 5.  It has now been

7/30  There is a misprint in the HW list for Mon Aug 2.
      H 31:11,12 should be H 33:11,12.

7/30  The solutions for test 3 are now available
      at the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/25  The solutions for test 2 are now available
      at the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/17  The solutions for test 1 are now available
      at the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/16  The answer originally given for H27:43(a) uses
      Halliday's value for kappa of Pyrex (4.7).  Using 
      Wolfson's value of kappa for Pyrex (5.6) yeilds a 
      capacitance of 863 pF.

7/15  The answer to Wolfson Chapter 25 problem 58(a) was
      originally posted incorrectly.  The correction was
      made at 1 PM TH 7/15.  The correct answer is 288 kV.

7/14  Comment on HW problem H26:20 -- Use of "k" in the 
      original statement of this problem results in 
      confusion with the electrostatic value of k.  So I 
      have changed that "k" to a "c", and the answers on 
      the even-numbered answers page are given in terms 
      of that "c".

7/09  In the HW for July 12, please drop problem 26:5 
      and add problem 26:3.  Also, I STILL did not give 
      complete info for problem P24:55.  In order to get 
      the numerical answers you need to know the value of 
      y at the top and bottom of the cube.  y = 0 at the 
      bottom, and thus y = 2 m at the top of the cube.
      This is a valuable exercise in the use of Gauss' Law,
      so - in spite of my awkward presentation - I hope 
      that everyone will work through it completely.

7/08  In problem P24:55, the figure reference was
      originally wrong.  It was corrected at 
      10:00 AM Thur Jul 08.

7/07  The Old Tests, with solutions, are now 
      available in the Noble Library Copy Center.

7/06  Problem P 23:25 was initially left off of
      the Online Problems list for July 6 - 12.
      It was added July 6 at 2:00 PM.