8/01  Mistake in Online Problems for Wed 8/01:  The
      problems G3 and G4 are required and are due
      tomorrow 8/02.  The two lines:

 G3 and G4 can be done for 20 points extra HW credit.  You
 may turn them in at your final recitation.

      (which have now been erased) were a relic of 
      the use of these problems in a semester with 
      an excess of holidays, and are not appropriate 
      for the summer.  I apologize for any confusion 
      my error may have caused.  GBA

7/25  Misprint in Online Answers for Wed 7/25:  The
      answer for W 32:9 was originally typed 
      incorrectly; the error was corrected at 3 PM 
      today.  GBA

7/12  Modification to HW 7:  The topic for problems 
      W26:10 and 15 will be covered at the beginning 
      of lecture 8 on Fri.  Therefore, please move 
      these two problems to Fri's HW.  So today's HW 
      only has 5 problems and tomorrow's HW has 9 
      problems.  Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

7/06  The Copy Center has moved from Noble Library
      to the Computing Commons (west side, first floor).
      Our Old Tests (with solutions) from Summer 2005
      are now available at the Copy Center.

6/29  No Updates Yet