Syntax Spring 2016

Elly van Gelderen, Arizona State University

Office hours: W 9-11 in LL 226C; extra time W4-4:30 in LL 173N




June 2nd version of textbook

Paper Writing Guidelines

E-tools for syntax


Answers to exercises ch 1-4

Answers to chapter 5 and chapter 6

Exam 1 studyguide

Exam 2 studyguide

Special Topics: TMA and Reflexives


HW 1; due 1 February 2016

HW 2; due 17 February 2016

HW 3; due 26 March 2016


Tips for Grad Students (by Claire Renaud)

OED online (ASU only) and Linguistic Lexicon

COCA and Micase and BNC and Childes

Chomsky talk

WALS and glossing conventions

Free online textbooks: Basic English Syntax with Exercises is available here and The syntax of natural language: An online introduction here.