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ENG 414 - Fall 2017

Elly van Gelderen



Review Chap 1 - 3

Chap 4 Studyguide

Chapter 5 Studyguide

Chapter 5 - 6 review

Chapter 7 and 8 review

Chapter 9 and Chapters 12-13


Optional Readings and Exercises

Typology of Sound from O'Grady and some maps from Lyovin

Extra background on categories (van Gelderen 2017)

Word order and universals : HO on Word Order ; Greenberg (1963)

Morphology: Sapir (1921); Szmrecsanyi (2012); Case in Finnish ; Exercises and Basque

Chapter 9: Agreement and Baker (2001) and van Gelderen (2004)

Chapter 11: More on valency

Typology and language origins



Use good examples/glosses and always add the reference!

HW 1, is due 31 August.

HW 2, due on 14 September.

HW 3, due on 28 September

HW 4, due on 19 October.

Paper Writing Guidelines

Sample questions for Exam

Possible Answers




Glosses (Leipzig Glossing Rules)

Omniglot writing systems

Numbers in the world's languages

Linguistics Glossary

Agreement database


Losing Our World's Languages: Every 14 days a language dies...


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