This class will meet for two hours on Tuesdays in term 3. The textbook is An Introduction to Sociolinguistics by R. Wardhaugh. Three lecturers will be involved: Alexandra Gaylord, Elly van Gelderen and Monique Kroese. Please read the chapter(s) indicated before you come to class.

date chapters and topics

12 April, Alexandra 1, Introduction; 2, Language, Dialects and Varieties

19 April, Monique 4, Choosing a Code; 5 Speech Communities

26 April, Alexandra 6, Regional and Social Variation; 7, Variation Studies

3 May, Elly 8, Language Change

10 May, Elly 9, Language and Culture

17 May, Monique 10, Ethnography; 11, Solidarity and Politeness

24 May, Monique 12, Acting and Conversing

31 May, Elly 13, Language and gender

7 June, Alexandra 14, Language and Disadvantage; 15, Language Planning

14 June Question Period



There will be a two-hour written exam. The format will be discussed on 14 June.


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