Additions to the paper version of

A History of the English Language.


A few websites are out of date:

- Cathy Ball's website at Georgetown University, mentioned e.g. on p. 75, is no longer up.

- on p. 95 is no longer up.

There are a few typos. For instance, on p. 41, above (7), `two' languages should be `four'; on p. 125, under example (14), `Verb' should be `verbs'; and on p. 214, line 4, `freedom if' should be `freedom of'. Please ignore the number signs in the excerpts from Shakespeare on pp. 185-6. I don't know how they got there.

The map on p. 2 is one of Viking migrations/invasions and ideally, a map of the earlier migrations/invasions by the Angles, the Saxons, etc should be added. Raymond Hickey's page has another such map.

Gmc tribes map


(Thanks to Johanna Wood, Eric Haeberli, and Robert Baumgardner for pointing some of these out, as well as the broken links on my own website; thanks to Victor Parra-Guinaldo for making a better map).