Linguistic Resources

Linguistic |HEL and Grammar| E-Texts

  • linguistlist
  • Utrecht lexicon; SIL glossary and another glossary
  • sil's ethnologue has data on 7105 languages
  • Varieties of English: maps etc at UPenn
  • (free) speech analysis: sil's speech analyzer and PRAAT
  • (non free) concordancer MonoConc; free concordancer AntConc
  • IPA font (free); International Phonetic Association;
  • Phonetics' resources (George Dillon); Dan Hall's articulatory site
  • syntactic structure SSWL
  • guidelines for glosses (Leipzig Glossing Rules)
  • dictionaries
  • ASL Linguistic Research
  • Ken Hale's papers
  • Omniglot writing systems; and ancient scripts
  • numerals in all the languages of the world
  • linguistic humor by Beatrice Santorin
  • History of English and Grammar
    History of English
  • OED online
  • Texts for HEL
  • OGrammar, Exercises, and texts (Univ of Virginia)
  • OE (Univ of Calgary)
  • Varieties of English: maps
  • Words: worldwidewords
  • GVS and More on the GVS
  • ME Compendium
  • ME Glossary
  • HEL Websites: HEL
  • English Grammar

    Grammar terminology

    Online Grammar (very early version!)

    Phrasal verbs

    Facsimiles, audio, etc: 
    Bodleian (e.g. Junius 11),
    Corpus Christi(e.g. Rule of Benedictand Chaucer);
    OE Dictionary: B&T;
    Clark Hall andBright

    Old Germanic page



    E-Texts and corpora
  • Middle English (TEAMS)
  • renaissance and medieval text (be careful though):
  • (modern) reference works:
  • Shakespeare (Univ of Vict)
  • Old ... Modern English corpora
  • Corpus of Contemporary American English and BNC and COHA, by Mark Davies
  • Michigan Corpus of Spoken Academic English: native and non-native speaker
  • International Corpus of English: trial version
  • Dictionary of OE Corpus
  • oxford text archive
  • onlinebooks
  • corpus resources in other languages
  • Helsinki Parsed ME Corpus
  • CHILDES Corpus and CLAN
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