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Growing Up

New Holstein, Wisconsin

Plymouth, Wisconsin

Growing Up

Tuesday, August 24, 1954 is the day I was born. Eisenhower was our president and times were very different. How things have changed.

For example, a gallon of milk cost only 92 cents and a loaf of bread 17 cents. The average new automobile cost $1,950 and a gallon of gas was a mere $.21. Homes were selling for $22,000 and the average yearly income was $3,960. The Dow Jones was hovering around 400.

In Washington, Congress approves the Atomic Energy Act and desegregation was in its infancy.

In Hollywood, Frank Sinatra was making a comeback. In New York, Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window would make its world debut.

In sports the Cleveland Browns would win the NFL championship and the New York Giants would be the World Series winners. The NBA crown was awarded to the Minneapolis Lakers and there would be a tie for #1 in college football between Ohio State and UCLA, as both teams go undefeated.

In medicine the first children were receiving Jonus Saulk's polio vaccine. Meeting someone who was a quadriplegic as a result of the spinal cord injury was a rare occurrence. Not because those types of injuries never occurred, but simply because when they did occur it was relatively rare that the individual survived more than a few years, if at all.

Yes, change is good.