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Mom's Letter, 7.3.70
Mom's Letter, 7.8.70
Mom's Letter, 7.13.70
Mom's Letter, 7.19.70
Mom's Letter, 8.8.70
Mary's Letter
Letter from an EMT





With the proliferation of e-mail, the art of writing letters, that is pen/pencil to paper, has almost become extinct. Before e-mail, it was common and relatively frequent that many of us would sit down, pen in hand, and write a letter to a friend, relative, or any one of a number of other people or businesses. In today's world, how often do we receive a letter via the USPS? Almost never would be my guess.

At the time of my injury, writing a letter was still common. It was a way to keep in touch with those you cared about or needed to communicate with. The links to the left will take you to letters that were written by my mother, sister, and one of the EMTs who was at the scene that evening in July.

Mother's letters were her way of telling her younger sister what had happened to me. I'm sure it was a cathartic way for her to relieve some of the emotions within her; a means of therapy. A quiet woman, my mother seemed like the "rock" through the entire event. Most particularly those first days and months.

My sister's letter is one of thanks. I guess it was her way of letting the generous and kind people of Plymouth know how she felt. The EMT's letter was written 25 years after the event. His recollection of that evening.