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Newspaper Articles

Depending on your perspective, living in a small town such as Plymouth can have its advantages or disadvantages. For me, I could only see advantages to living in the city compared to the country living I had previously experienced in my life. I had no idea just how advantageous living in such a community would eventually come to be.

Since Plymouth was such a small town, the newspaper covered my accident extensively. The entire community provided a network of support that was simply unbelievable. It was this network that gave my family the encouragement it needed to endure during the months and years following my injury.

The links in the column to the left will take you to seven of the many different newspaper articles that were written about my injury. These articles will not only described and explain my accident, but also, hopefully, give you a better understanding of the kind of community Plymouth is.

Over the years, additional articles have been written about my employment, living circumstances, and physical well-being in order to update interested readers. I hope you find them interesting and informative.