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After my hospitalization at St. Joseph's and a brief weekend visit at home, I was transferred to the University of Wisconsin Rehabilitation Center. The decision of where I should go for my rehabilitation must have been an unimaginably difficult decision for my parents. After the healing process, rehabilitation was the key to my future.

Mom and Dad decided, after numerous visits to various facilities and in what must have been an agonizing soul search, to select the University of Wisconsin Rehabilitation Center for the next phase of my recovery. Realize that my parents had no special knowledge of spinal cord injury before my accident and their choice was based on something very simple. While they visited the rehab center in Madison, they met a young patient who had sustained the same injury as mine. After a brief conversation with him and listening to his praise of the facility, their decision was made.

The transition from the safe confines of St. Joseph's, to the unknown venture I was about to embark on at the rehab center, was extremely difficult for not only me, but my family as well.  Fortunately, my parents decision would prove to be correct.  I received the best rehabilitation anyone could have asked for at that time.  The staff worked you hard physically and taught you everything you needed to know about your injury and how to live your new lifestyle.

With every conviction in me, I firmly believe that the special care and excellent rehabilitation I received at this facility lay the ground work for where I am today.

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