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The Injury

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The Circle Electric Bed

After my days of lying in the Stryker Frame bed were over, I was transferred to what was called a Circle Electric bed. This bed allowed nurses to turn me through a vertical sequence, which would, hopefully, begin increasing my tolerance for being in a vertical position.

After lying in a horizontal position for seven weeks, my circulatory system became very weak. Since I no longer had the use of most of my muscles to assist with pumping the blood throughout my body, bloodflow would no longer be the same. At first, even slightly elevating my upper body would cause me to become extremely lightheaded and nauseous.

Now, the long process of regaining the ability to be in a vertical position had begun. It was the first step of my journey through rehabilitation. By turning my body over through a vertical sequence, I would slowly regain the ability to sit in an upright position. As soon as I achieved that tolerance, a more intense rehabilitation regime could begin.

After a week in the Circle Electric bed, I was transferred to a regular hospital bed. It felt so good to be lying in a bed that was comfortable. After the Stryker Frame and Circle Electric beds, the hospital bed felt very comfortable. Click any of the photos above and it will take you to the first of two pages that consist of larger versions of these photographs.