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The Injury

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The Stryker Bed

Once the extent of my injury was known, I was immediately placed in traction to stabilize the two crushed vertebrae in my neck which would allow them to heal as best as possible. Because of the traction, I had to lie on to what was called a Stryker Frame bed. This is where I would spend the next seven weeks of my life.

The reason for being put on this type of bed was that it allowed my body to be turned without disrupting the traction. Any disturbance to the healing process could have extreme negative consequences. However, I needed to be turned over regularly to prevent bedsores from developing.

Religiously, and with extreme caution, the nurses would turn me over every two hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the duration of the seven weeks.

Above is a series of photographs which will show you the process involved when turning me over. Click any of the photographs above and it will take you to the first of two pages that consist of larger versions of these photographs.