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GNU/Linux is in enterprise-class server farms, firewall, LAN and "SOHO" servers, workstations, home PCs, internet appliances, even PDAs, car trunks, and TV digital recorders.

"PC" doesn't mean "Windows".

So How did it all begin? Visit's Links page to learn more about GNU/Linux.

Fore more information on GNU, visit GNU (a recursive acronym meaning "GNU's Not Unix"). Read what Richard Stallman has to say on the GNU project and on "Why Software Should Not Have Owners".

    Addtional links:
  • GNU website. Visit here to learn where it started and how/why we have GNU/Linux today.
  • RedHat - A distribution that is great for newbies as well as seasoned users. RedHat has a very easy install and many useful configuration packages.
  • Debian - Debian Linux is a very stable and emmulated distribution.
  • Slackware - Slackware Linux is another stable distribution that has been around for a long time.
  • SuSE Linux - SuSE Linux is a German distro that comes with over 5 gigs of software. Byte for byte this is the best value in the stores (keep in mind that most EVERYTHING linux is available free from the Internet, at least for personal use). SuSE has an easy install and is fairly easy to configure.
  • Freshmeat, - A site that has just about anything you could be looking for when it come to linux

  •, - Probably every Linux package that has ever been put into a RPM (RedHat Package Manager) format is here. RPMs work on many distributions of Linux.
  • Wine Development HQ - A windows emulator project for unix :)

Try Mozilla if you haven't already...

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