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Owner: Kelley Kishpaugh
Email: scubado@verdenet.com
Location: Cottonwood, Arizona
Year: 1956
Engine: L6-266
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

Just got this in April '99.

1956 pick-up, L6-226, 4 wheel drive, with one original hub, one a different kind. Pretty clean. Been primed, cab okay, but the bed needs some work. A couple a rust throughs on the back stake pockets, but other that that it is pretty good. New 16" tires a week prior to me getting it, all fluids drained and changed, etc. Bed rusted, but previous owner put in an aluminum sheet over the whole bed. I'd like to put in oak.

Looks like it was a medium/dark gray originally. Forget it..I want something bright!

Needs the interior done. Original bench seat gone, and older bucket seats installed. (It does have seat belts!) No radio, at least I think there was one originally as there is an antenna and an open spot on the dash that looks original. Heater works real good. Doors need work to open and latch well, as well as the windows need work to roll up and down without having to pull on them while turning handle. Minor stuff.

Found it on an Auto Trader ad in Prescott Valley. He got it from New Mexico from the guy who rebuilt the engine. Guy in PV had it for about 6 months.

Also have enough parts to build another engine, minus the block. Transfer case, oil pans, headers, flywheel, and boxes of miscellaneous stuff. The bed was filled with parts when I drove it home. Did 55 most the way home! However, there was lots of traffic behind me....


July 21, 1999 Update:
The door panels are lined in corduroy.

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