About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Vin Searles
Email: Vin_Searles@fcleasing.com
Location: Salem, OR
Year: 1951
Engine: F4-134
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

Monday, February 22, 1999

Hi Rick,

I ran across your web page with Willy's information and the gallery. Attached is my 1951 Willy's Pickup with 49,000 original miles to add to the gallery! I have owned it less than two years now as I purchased it from the son of a deceased sand and gravel pit owner. He only drove it around the lot apparently resulting in the low miles. Everything is original except the paint. It was painted in 1985 and has been in a barn and only been driven about 4,000 miles since 1985. It does have a new interior. (seats, door panels and headliner) I am a member of the West Coast Willy's Club.


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