About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Dan
Email: dmda@thegrid.net
Location: Hollister CA
Year: 1961
Engine: 302
Transmission: stock T-90
Transfer case: stock Spicer 18

I never could find one that wasn't a rust bucket. I found this one through a friend and the guy just wanted to get rid of it. It was cheap. I rebuilt the carb, and it runs (halls ass), but I need to go through the whole thing. I am going to put all new gauges in it. And go threw the axles and replace U joints. I also need to put the overdrive in it. And a paint job. And that's it!

I'm kind of lucky that my dad has a 56 Willys Jeep that he has restored, and knows everything there is to now about Willys.


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