About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Rob
Email: Jjjeem@AOL.COM
Location: Hyde Park, NY
Year: 1952
Engine: ?
Transmission: stock?
Transfer case: stock?

Sunday, November 22, 1998

Here's our little guy...'52 pick up named 'Willy' (clever, huh?)..Overheated recently and the block cracked.... but we are confident of repairing him soon....we have a local person with replacement engines (says our mechanic) here in dutchess county, NY.....and a machine guy who sleeve and bore if possible to retain the original engine with it's 39,000 original miles...It's a real beauty....we don't know much about it yet but with sites like this one it won't be long until we are well versed in the fine artistry of Willys Jeepin'.....all the best ....

    Rob & Jude

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