About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Bernie Iasiello
Email: ias532@yahoo.com
Location: Staten Island, NY
Year: 1963
Engine: OHC 230

Yes the photos are of the same vehicle, before and after. It was a badly rusted wreck and it was either me, or the junk yard. I decided to give it a go and I had a friend who is a magician when it comes to finish body work and painting. We spent many nights after work and most Saturdays for about a year on the project.

I spent many hours welding replacement panels. We had to replace the rear quarters on both left and right sides. As you can see thefloors were almost non-existent. After it was painted but still bare of all trim lights and glass, I had it flatbedded home where I spent another year on my own finding trim pieces, getting others rechromed, rewiring.

I had several adventures tracking down parts and interesting conversations with people all the country. It was a great experience but on several occasions I wondered about my sanity in taking on the job. But now I enjoy driving it and it has sparked many conversations.

I believe that the 3.54 gears in the my Spicer 44 differentials are original. If not only because the axles and undercarriage were as badly rusted as the rest. If you check the production numbers for Jeep Station Wagon and Pick Up you'll find that production numbers are not available from 1962 to 1965. I believe that in the end Kaiser-Willys was probably making modifications and not documenting them.


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