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Owner: Jean-Marc Gagnon
Email: gagnon@air.on.ca
Location: Geraldton Ontario Canada
Year: 1955 pickup
Engine: L-226 stock
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Dana-18 with PTO
Modification: spring over axle and 33X12.50 bf Mud terrain
Winch: Ramsey 8000LBS

Thursday, February 11, 1999

We had this Willys now for about three years and since we had it we changed the frame. The original was rotten in front of the rear leaf and the frame was being held together with a cable between both axles. The last owner had it at his camp where he used it to grade a road and pull out stumps, which is why the frame was broken. He would tie the rear bumper to a tree and winch out the stumps. Next we are looking at putting in lock rights front and rear and 33X14.50 super swamper boggers. We are in need of a exhaust manifold, the one on it is cracked at the joiner to the exhaust pipe. By the way the price was basically free all we have to do is grade her road for three years to pay for it. We also got a wagon and a 48 truck for parts. I added a picture of what it looked like before the axle over and frame change. If you will put them on you web page, thanx a lot.


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