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Owner: Rod Smith
Email: rod.smith@cpc-ltd.com
Location: ?
Year: 1959
Engine: 289
Transfer case:

October 30, 1998

A lot of work and patience! I did a ground up restoration on my 59 PU. While it was stripped down to the frame, I converted to Saginaw steering and installed the 283.

Some tips:

I had to move the radiator over to be centered with the fan. The six has an offset fan. This can be done with flat iron spacers. You can use the old fan shroud if you rotate it 180 degrees and make new brackets.

Set the engine so that the fan is centered in the shroud. I had to move the transmission forward 2" and use a 2" spacer on the fan.

The engine will be on a tilt to the rear but this has not been a problem. If you try to keep the engine level you will have the fan hitting the cross member, the front axle will hit the fuel pump, and the front drive shaft will hit the starter.

I had to cut out the fire wall to make room for the distributor. I did some sheet metal work and it looks original now. I can take the cap off and get to the points but to remove the distributor, I have to remove the bushings on the motor mounts and lower the front of the engine.

Lots of work but very rewarding! If you want to see the finished product check out the January 97 Classic Trucks or May 97 Off-Road magazines. My truck was featured in both magazines. It is the Yellow 59 Willys.

Let me know if I can be of more assistance. The truck is currently in storage as I am living in Moscow Russia.


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