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Owner: Darin Moody
Email: av8ors@earthlink.net
Location: Simi Valley, California
Year: 1962
Engine: Super Hurricane L6-226
Transmission: Warner T-90-J 3-speed
Transfer case: Spicer-18 w/ Saturn Overdrive

January 23, 1999


Here's another picture you can add to your gallery!

I got it about 4 years ago as a rusted pile, but it ran really good. It was pretty much complete too. Just needed some body work. It still has the Super Hurricane L6-226. To this day it only has 43,000 miles on it. It's got Rancho springs with the RS9000 shocks. Other that, the engine, tranny, transfer case, and entire drivetrain is stock with the exception of a Saturn Overdrive.

Thanks a lot!


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