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Owner: Mike Howland
Email: growl62@yahoo.com
Location: Kearns, Utah
Year: 1962
Engine: Chevy 350
Transmission: SM465
Transfer case: NP205
Front axle: Dana 44 w/Torsen Gleason posi (4.10)
Rear axle: Dana 60 w/Detroit Locker

April 20, 1999


This is my 62' Willys truck which I call G.R.O.W.L. (Great Radical Old Willys Live). This is also on my custom license plates. I bought it in 1982, and it was about 99% stock at that time. I used it for hunting and wheeling for 8 years before tearing it down to the frame. I never intended it to be a show vehicle, but one thing led to another and that's what the end result was.

Here's what the truck consists of now:

I did 90% of the body work myself. It took me three years from the time I tore it down till completion. It's not quite as much fun as when it was a beater, but it sure is a crowd pleaser at the car shows I enter! The truck has taken 9 first place wins in 12 shows and second or third in the other 3 shows.

I really enjoy your web-site and check the Gallery on a regular basis to see what's new. I hope my truck is worthy of a spot in the Gallery.


    Mike Howland

More pictures of how Mike's truck got to be what it is now.

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