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Owner: Randy Pearson
Email: rpearson@hmsy.com
Location: Bellflower, CA
Year: 1954
Engine: Chevy V8 327
Transmission: Turbo 350
Transfer case: Spicer w/Warn Overdrive

July 29, 1999


Can you add me to the gallery?

The quest is over after about a year of hard searching, I found this rig. I've been eyeing both the Willys PU and the Wagon for many, many years and finally had a little cash to start looking. I would list what I paid for the Wagon, but fear my fellow list members would issue a severe flogging over the incredibly great deal I got on it. It's exactly, if not more than what I was looking for. I wanted a rig that had already undergone a power conversion and my wish (prayers) was answered.

It's been sitting for many years and will need some good old elbow grease to fix it up. The body is straight and clean. Not much rust at all.

My rig :

Many Thanks!

'54 Wagon -     Randy Pearson

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