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Mystery Willys

Another picture I found in my files that I can't connect to an owner. It has flat front fenders, so was before the April 1950 change in body styling. Does that white tag on the left rear say 1948? If anyone recognizes this picture, please l et me know who owns this.


Possible Identifications:


From: N L
Sent: Monday, September 20, 1999 9:41 PM
To: grover@asu.edu
Subject: Willys D21


Enjoyed your Willy's gallery. I stumbled on it quite by accident, was looking for a Jeep site (I will talk about later). I was intrigued by one of the thumbnail pics ---almost missed it as I was surfing through, but the baby blue color caught my eye. As I clicked on the pic to get a larger view, (sigh.....) it brought back, Oh my ... memories, some good and, some-well let me just say-not so good.

You asked: "If any one recognized this picture, please let me know who owns this."

Well I cannot be sure, so don't want to mislead you, but it looks so similar to my boyfriends truck and I cannot help but wonder... If it is, and I'm not sure it is the same truck; it is, or was owned (to my last knowledge) by my ex-boyfriend & lover. I call him my ex-boyfriend because he was married, and he was using me and had no intention of ever marrying me. While he and I were having an affair, I thought he was going to tell his wife and would get a divorce, but... I was young and innocent, naive, and quite frankly stupid, but hopelessly in love. He was my supervisor at work and during the early and more risqué part of our relation, we would escape from work, go to his nearby mountain retreat cabin, and work on his Willys and then... well... Better stop here before you have to make this an X rated site. Anyway, we would work together, or he would work on the engine, and I would sand the fenders, roof and hood. It was hard work and hot! We would usually work in our swim suits, getting very sweaty and dirty,,, then go jump in the nearby pond to cool off and clean up. See the attached pic of me standing by the Willys after sanding the fenders,,, gad it was hot and hard work. But afterwards it was wonderful! errr... That is, seeing all of our hard work improve the Willys. He took the picture of the Willys and me shortly after we started, so it was in pretty sad shape. I'm amazed at how good the Willy's in D21 of your gallery looks. Amazing what a little loving care will do!

Speaking of the Jeep site I was looking for and mentioned above, I want his wife if she ever sees this picture to know what happened to their new 1996 Cherokee. When I concluded he was only lying and cheating on me, I threatened him with a few things (have some rather intimate pics) that I said I would give to our boss and to his wife. Well we negotiated for about 2 seconds and he ended up giving me the pink to the new Jeep Cherokee. No, my dear, it did not get stolen or totaled as he may have told you. Anyway I am still driving that Jeep and the only change I've made was to add license plate frames that say "sweet revenge", and I try to park next to him as often as I can.

I still remember fondly that Baby Blue Willys. I wonder if D21 is the same truck!!! Would love for you to post this pic and note with the other D21 pics and information.



From: Rives, Kelly
Sent: Friday, October 22, 1999 8:35 AM
To: 'grover@asu.edu'
Subject: D21


In D21 you said you could not find owner. Frank Wood and I were looking at pictures at his house over weekend and that a picture of a truck that was for sale at a used car lot called the TOY STORE in Houston. Frank looked at it. they wanted about 8000-9000 for it.


Sorry Kelly, I like Nancy's story better. Doesn't mean it is any more likely to be true, just a better story!


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