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Owner: Bill Magee
Email: puttpirate@dmi.net
Location: Northern Idaho
Year: 1951
Engine: Studebaker 232 v-8
Transmission: stock?
Transfer case: stock?

June 27, 1999

[To: WillysTech]

Well Gang,

As the story went, I spied this rig buried up to her fenders in weeds 3 years ago and she had a 6" tree growing between the bumper and grill we had to chainsaw. The cantankorus old fellow who yelled at me fer lookin at his rigs finally gave in to my monthly visits in his livingroom. Hearing the stories of everywhere the Willys had taken him here in Northern Idaho, and how the headliner got a hole in her when he drug a frozen deer, whose legs were stiff, into her. It goes to show you persistance paid off.

We drug her home with a tow chain 3 weeks or so ago, and I have been tinkerin with the Studebaker 232 v-8 to see if she would run. Last weekend she fired off and the motor purrred! What a suprise sitting for 27 years! So of course this weekend I had to check out the drive train with a little back road action... not to mention FLUSHING ( yea I read the threads) brake lines...lol

So now I have been takin' it easy 'cause she needs new shocks 'n stuff, but wanted to send you all a picture of the Willys Wonka as she lives today.


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