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Owner: Bill Newton
Email: wgnewton@msn.com
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Year: 1959
Engine: F4-134
Transmission: 3-speed column T-96
Transfer case: none
Rear Axle: Spicer 44, 4.89:1 ratio



The car's VIN indicates it's a 1959 Maverick 2WD wagon. Records show it was first registered in Santa Fe in October 1961, and driven regularly until 1972, when it was parked in a shed with only 73,000 miles on it. In 1989, it was inherited by a Phoenix resident who intended to restore it, but didn't. Again it sat and awaited its fate. I bought it in September 1998. The (working) odometer indicates 77,474 miles.

Under the crude orange paint job, the car is essentially stock, with all original Autollite components. It has minor rust at the rear wheel wells and tailgate which will be addressed once the mechanical work is completed. Currently it needs springs, shocks, brakes, a muffler and a fuel tank. Following some minor body work, I intend to restore it to its original light green and dark green color scheme.

Steve Winsor, Paul Barry, and Carl Walck have all been helpful with advice and parts. Anyone else with a Maverick out there?



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