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Owner: Tom Smith
Email: fastener@airmail.net
Location: Arlington, TX
Year: 1948
Engine: L4-134
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

July 6, 1999

Two weeks ago I traded a 1958 Edsel for this truck. As best I know it is complete and original (except for the wheels). Your basic 1949, 4wd pickup. So far I have removed the bed and front bodywork. The cab should be off within the week. My intentions are to entirely disassemble the truck, and reassemble her to 'like new' condition.

I appreciate your page, as it has already saved me much heartache....

July 7, 1999

I just recently stumbled on this truck and thought it filled with potential. I spend my evenings stripping paint and rust off of the frame and enjoying the work.

One goal is to have the frame and suspension complete by fall. The engine and running gear will keep me busy through winter. The bed is in sad shape, however I do want to recondition it because of the novelty of the 'WO' logo on the tailgate. I will keep the 4 cyl motor because I am not convinced that the running gear can support additional torque. Please comment on this logic.

The suspension will be updated along with the brakes. The sheet metal will be restored to new condition except I am tempted to reverse the door hinges so they open 'suicide' style.

Please send me any additional information on suspension and brake upgrades. I will not be using this as a work truck, so I want to use softer springs to enhance the ride. Your page has greatly aided my plans and the explanations are well presented for us non-technical types....

Thanks for the help,

    Tom Smith

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