About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Phillip S. O'Neal
Email: poneal@arches.uga.edu
Location: Georgia?
Year: 1949
Engine: Pointiac 455 ci V8
Transmission: Turbo Hydromatic 400

May 05, 1999


I couldn't believe it when I found your web site. I had finally stumbled across a site that was dedicated to the Willys 'Jeep' Utility vehicles. I was even more excited when I visited your gallery and found many photos of these vehicles throughout the country and the world.

I have attached two photos of my 2 wheel drive 1949 Willys Station Wagon that I am customizing. When finished, it will be powered by a Pontiac 455ci V8 with a Turbo Hydromatic 400 automatic transmission. My friends and I have named it POWillys. I will not bore you with all the work planned and already done. Soon I hope to have a web site of my own with all the details. I would be honored if you would include the pictures in your gallery.


The last couple of years the 'Jeep' has been sitting and waiting for its turn to be on top of the project list. This web site has motivated me to get back to work.

Keep up the good work.


Phillip S. O'Neal

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