About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Bob Munro
Email: rotten4x4@yahoo.com
Web: "http://rotten4x4.tripod.com/"
Location: Cave Springs, AR
Year: 1961
Engine: Chevy 368

Found this 61 wagon in some guy's back yard. He PAID ME $50 to haul it away!!! So I did.

Added a 1980 Chevy 1-ton frame.

Added a 468 cu.in. - 525 hp Big Block Chevy engine

Shortened the frame by 28", moved the engine back 8", and moved the firewall back 6".

Added Eaton lockers front and rear, 5.13 gears, 12,000 lb winch, full roll cage, installed gas filled cylinders to assist in openming the one piece rear door.


PS. See my other Willys Wagon at C22.

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