About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Laura Neil
Email: willysworker@worldnet.att.net
Location: Washington
Year: 1955
Engine: 62 Dodge 318 V8
Transmission: push button 727 auto
Transfer case: none (2WD)

Here are the pic's of a project I did on my wife's Willys. Its a '55. Doesn't look it but there's a '62 Dodge 318 v8, push button 727 auto., and 91/4 rearend hiding under the orginal paint and body and interior. We bought it that way 3 years ago (Wilma 1 pic). Since, I've changed orginal front end to a Heidt's Mustang II independent, disc brake, rack n pinion, front end. It's used as a daily driver around town. The delivery door conversion came about because we both didn't like crawling over the tailgate. The change out was as easy as I thought it would be. Next project, remove rusted wheel openings. I think that will be harder. I'll be replacing wagon style, with delivery round type. Then a new paint job'll take care of the raddle can fix up I did on those back doors.


Oh yeah, the other Willys in the garage is mine. It's in your gallery. [C9]

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