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Owner: Takashi Masuda
Email: tmasuda@jyuri.co.jp
Location: Japan
Year: produced 1960 to 1983
Engine: 2400cc engine
Transfer case:?


Who can determine the model and year of this vehicle?


On Friday afternoon, July 23, 1999, I posted this picture and challenged people to identify it. Several people responded. Matt Phillimore noted that the one piece windshield would make it after 59, while the flat grill would make it 50 or earlier, and those fenders look more like CJ5 fenders! Bill Brennan correctly guessed that it was a Mitsubishi and Jerry Lewis said it looked like a Mitusbishi J30 4-door. My hat is off to Jerry. How did Jerry know so much about Mitsubishi Jeeps? www.mitsubishi-motors.co.jp/JEEP

The first picture is of a J38 that Takashi owned a few years ago. The red & white Jeep wagon is a 1981 J37 that has gone over 170,000 km. Takashi was stuck in the mud when another Mitusbishi Jeep came along and pulled him out.

Isn't the World Wide Web great! Bringing together people from around the world!

Below is a note I received Sunday from Takashi, who sent me the photo. He gives quite a bit of information about the Misubishi Jeeps that I think might be interesting, and he promised more photos.

    Rick    7/27/99

From: takashi masuda [mailto:tmasuda@jyuri.co.jp]
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 1999 6:40 PM
To: Richard Grover
Subject: About Mitubishi jeep delivery wagon

Dear Rick,

Thank you very much for your E-mail. I will soon send you jeep photo in higher resolution.

I will describe the outline of Mitubishi Jeep wagon. I now owns J37 type with 2600cc. And I owned J38 type with 2400cc before. All Mitubishi Jeep wagon with gasoline engine are 4 cylinder.

Mitubishi jeep wagon was original made as J11(left handle) type in 1955 under license of Willys Co. Then J30 type with right handle was made in 1961. Main difference between J11 and J30 is that J11 is 2 door and J30 is four door. J30 has 2200 cc gasoline engine(JH4,70Ps), and J30D type with diesel engine 2200cc(KE31,61ps) was made in 1962. In 1970, J30 type moved to J34 type with 2300cc engine(KE47,95ps) and J30D type moved to J36 type 2700cc engine(4DR5,80ps). In 1974, J34 type moved to J38 type with 2400cc engine(4G53,110ps). And finally in 1980, J38 type moved to J37 type with 2600cc engine(G54B,120ps) These J36 and J37 had been made until 1983 January.

These Jeep wagons were mainly sold to local gaovernment or public purpose. They were Bureau of Road, Bureau of River, Local government National telecommunication Co. Power Company and Private civil company. It was rare case that private person owned the wagon as a new car.

I will soon send your the photo again.

Sincerly yours,

    Takashi Masuda

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