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Owner: Erik Mankinson
Email: emakinson@aol.com
Location: Oregon
Year: 1957
Engine: L6-226
Transfer case:

May 18, 1999


I love your site!!! Finally, someone that understands the true nature of the Willys! I know people that have stripped Willys to put 454's in 'em and big mudders and they have the nerve to say they drive a Willys. I have included a picture of our truck. It's a '57 with the original "Hurricane 6" and everything else (even floor mats). My dad purchased the truck in 1974 for $500. Though it has been high maintenance, he says it's the best purchase he's ever made. For years he drove it to work, and back and forth to our cabin (eastern oregon). But now, it has been retired to it's true home; the unpaved. It sits in a garage at our cabin. We only make it down there about once a month, but when ever we do, the first thing I do is grab the key to the Willys. I learned to drive the truck shortly after I got my drivers license (about 2 1/2 years ago) and have been in love with it ever since. That thing will go anywere! I love driving the old logging roads. I've seen many trucks get high-centered on those, but never a Willys. Keep up the good work on your site! It might be interesting to have a forum of people's Willys stories and some pictures of other trucks. I'd be happy to hear from you.

    Erik Makinson

Note: Anyone is welcome to send me a story about their Willys.     - Rick

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