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Owner: Morris Rogers
Email: mtrogers@chugach.com
Location: Anchorage, AK
Year: 1963
Engine: Ford 302
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18 w/Warn OD

Dear Rick,


My 63 Willys truck is the result of us drinking beer and admiring out handy work (Arley Roe's 51 CJ3A stainless steel Willys) when someone said "Wouldn't it be neat if we had a Willys truck to tow this to the car show." Four years later my truck was done.

I am the forth owner of the truck. It spent its life in the Matanuska Valley as a farm truck. It was beat to pieces when I found it. It was a sorry looking mess.

We did a complete off frame rebuild on the truck. Everything than could come apart was taken apart, cleaned, repaired or replaced. I decided to go with a Ford 302 engine rather than try to get parts for the 6 cylinder Continental engine that was in it. The Ford fit in necely and matched up with the original transmission so the only alteration I have done is the engine and adding the Warn overdrive.

The bed on the truck was totally rusted out. I was able to salvage the rear fenders and match them up with the oak flat bed. The end result turned out to be a much fancier truck than I had originally planned on. Also, the oak bed doesn't like water and it rains and snows a lot here, so the truck only goes out on rare sunny days.

I do wish I could use it more, but just having it is a good feeling.

I hope you can use this information on your site. If you need more, just let me know.



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