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Owner: Randy Gabbard
Email: R1Gabbard@aol.com
Year: 1949
Engine: F4-134
Transmission: T-90

Wednesday, April 14, 1999


I am currently in the final stages of a 4 year frame-off restoration of a 49 willys jeepster. I have included some pictures for you to look at. The only original (stock) part that I am missing is an original steering wheel. (I even have a radio & rear turn signals) I would appreciate any leads or sources you may have that could possibly lead me to a steering wheel. I fully expect to be driving this beauty in the next two or three months. As you can see from the pictures, I am currently doing the wiring and assembly - next comes upholstery. ...

Thank you,

    Randy Gabbard

February 18, 2000


After 4 years - IT"S DONE! Thanks for posting my initial pictures on your web page. It paid off with big dividends. One of the people who has a vehicle on your page, sent me an original steering wheel. As you can see in the pictures, it's not on the jeepster yet. It is in the process of being restored. Hopefully it won't take too much longer.

Here's a fast rundown on the jeepster.

This was a complete frame-off restoration. Absolutely EVERYTHING on this vehicle was completely restored to better than factory new condition. It is as original as it can possibly be, with as many options as possible such as: dual spotlights, dual rear view mirrors, GLASS rear window, Original flashlight (see interior picture) original radio, original rear turn signals, driving lights, fancy front bumper, and the rear bumper says Willys Overland - a lot of them that I see only say Willys.

We had the 4 cylinder engine balanced & blueprinted and then we had it line-bored & cam bearings installed. It purrs like a kitten & should last 100,000 miles. The Wheels were custom made for the vehicle. They resemble those that came originally on 1934 fords. We then jazzed them up a bit with chrome hubcaps & beauty rims. The seats and door panels have had the willys overland logo embroidered onto them.

As you can see by the photo of the engine compartment, we do not have the correct air cleaner. This is one item that has eluded us but, we are still looking. Please feel free to post any of these pictures that you think are good enough. We won't make the claim that this is the best jeepster in the States, but we would sure like to see the one that beats it.

We are going to trailer it to Reno this year for Hot August Nights. Anyone is welcome to stop by the Airport Plaza hotel & ask for me & I will be glad to show it off.

Your site is awesome & we check it our every chance we get.

Cordially yours,

    Randy Gabbard

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